Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Snaps: Tasmania (part 1..)

In March I went to Tasmania, with my boyfriend Michael, for a whole week! I didn't bring my viola, I didn't bring anything except clothes (lots), a sense of adventure, and the tour booklet I made (yes: massive nerd and proud of it!). It was the most amazing week and we did so many excellent things! I was going to share them all in a Happy Snaps post but there are just too many things to cover so I'm going to do it in parts.

This first part is happy snaps of the boat cruise we did from Bruny Island. Tasmania itself is an island and then it has other islands as part of it. An island of an island! We did the boat cruise as part of a Pennicott Wilderness Journey; a company started and owned by Robert Pennicott. It was a moment of uncanniness when we realised that we had done a canyoning trip in Cradle Mountain with him! We didn't know it at the time that we were amongst Tasmanian and tourism celebrity. It was a fantastic tour and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll just get on with it:

Ever fashionable protective gear.
More Albatross!
Blow hole.
Cool rock formation.
Pretty sure this is called Dollarmite rock (don't take my word for it..)
That water..

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