Monday, April 14, 2014

Operation Learn German: Week 3

Last week was Week 2 (and just fyi there will be 9 weeks of this mission). I set a few pretty ambitious goals and I'm sorry to have to fess up to you that I haven't completed all of them. I'm now at the point in my study where the chapter-a-day theory cannot be possible due to the kind of information I need to absorb and the growing number of verbs and words to add to my vocabulary. Last week I wanted to get through 5 chapters to take me through to the next part in my German book but I only did 3. This isn't so bad and this week I hope to also do 3. Another not-quite-achieved goal was to go through my der die das flashcards every day. I probably only went through them a few times however I did add the plurals in and start phasing out the cards that I get right more than twice. I spent hours fixing up my verb study book that I made to include the past tenses and that has been really helpful with improving my accuracy and confidence when speaking about the past. I also managed to have the three conversations with a German speaker! It has been great and I feel like most of the time I can get my point across and I'm getting more comfortable with it and less slow (unless my brain is fried, like it was in my last conversation). So here are this week's goals:

  • Complete three chapters in my German book. Make sure I revise each chapter appropriately.
  • Use my der die das flashcards every day. I'm going to really push to do this every day. It only takes me a five or so minutes so I'm going to make myself fit it in.
  • Verbs. Last week I became much better at remembering the verbs and their past tenses. However, I found whilst doing some of the written exercises in my German book that I am pretty slow at conjugation with the newer tenses I've learnt. This week my goal is to pick a few verbs at random and conjugate them in all tenses with various pronouns.
  • Have three conversations of 20 minutes duration with a German speaker. 
My final night in Freiburg with the friends I made.

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