Monday, April 21, 2014

Operation Learn German: Week 4

Last week was Week 3 and it went very slowly for my German. I think I've reached a sort of impasse where my brain won't absorb any more information without really really trying. So really really try I must! I almost completed three chapters from my German book, as set last week in my goals, but I found I was getting more and more incorrect answers in the quizzes so I clearly wasn't totally understanding. I decided to go back and work through some of the chapters again, focusing on my weak points. So it may feel like a step back but one step back, two steps forwards (I hope). I updated my der die das flashcards and that's all going fine, but should probably do it absolutely every day (I know I said that last week..) and my verb book is full now! I need to make sure I do these every day and start from the back because the last ones are my weakest. My conversation goals were reached, but I was really really slow in one of them. It seems to take me ages to form my sentences and even though I know a lot of things I seem to only be able to verbalise 30% of my knowledge and put it into practice. So this week's goals:

  • Complete Part Three of my German book. With the going backwards I should be able to complete this part of the book properly now and get some good results in the end of part test.
  • Use my der die das flashcards every day!!! In the words of Nike: just do it!
  • Verbs EVERY DAY!! And maybe conjugate a few random ones in all tenses here and there when I have time.
  • Have four conversations of 20 minutes with a German speaker. A friend of mine's mother is a German teacher by Skype so maybe I'll try to have a session with her.
This was taken in the Jewish museum in Berlin.

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  1. I went to that museum. Was so good! See you wednesday for puppy time!! :D