Sunday, April 6, 2014

Outfit Misfit

Well, it sure has been a long time! I've actually been extremely good this year and have not been shopping since Boxing Day (!!!! that is unheard of from me!) Saving money for rent for my big move to Germany has been a real priority. However, because I haven't been doing much blogging this year so far, I have a few outfits up my sleeves still to post which you haven't seen here yet.

I thought it would be nice to start with a piece I bought on Boxing Day. This one is from CUE and is my first mostly-white dress. Sometimes I think it's quite hard to wear mostly white because it can look too formal somehow, perhaps due to an immediate association: white = wedding. However with a couple of colour accents it was easier than I thought to wear on a number of occasions. My hair here does the colour trick (R.I.P pink ombre hair) and the flower crown was a nice pop of colour to tie into that. Now that my hair is all one very normal brown colour I've taken to pairing it with some pink shoes which have a white outline and bow.  This dress is super comfy and I wore it in the first picture on NYE, and in the following pictures to an outdoor music event in Canberra. It's super comfortable and has become one of my favourite dresses for when I want to look that little bit special but can't really be bothered putting in a lot of effort.

Dress: Cue
Shoes: Witchery
Flower crown: Sportsgirl
Bag (first picture and in this outfit too): Alannah Hill

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