Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Snaps: Tasmania (part 2)

This is the second installation of my photos from the Tasmania trip I took in March with my boyfriend Michael. The selected photos are from our hike in Freycinet National Park. It was an unplanned thing that we ended up doing, as we were driving from northern Tas to Hobart. The main thing that drew us there was the famous Wineglass Bay, named thus because of it's shape. We figured we'd do the 2hr return hike and go for a swim at the beach in the middle (and we had picnic-style food prepared). It was a warm and sunny day, ..until we got to the beach. It was much to cold to go swimming which we discovered when we took our shoes off. It was some truly stunning scenery and a nice depiction of the best of Australian landscape. 

Check out my technology skillz: panoramas!

This wasn't part of the Wineglass Bay walk, but a view from a viewpoint we drove to.
Wineglass Bay.
The terrain.
At Wineglass Bay itself, looking out to the bay.
A rogue little wallaby that was pretty friendly.

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