Saturday, June 28, 2014

Long Time No See-anythingonthisblog

I have been terrible at blog-upkeep this year. It is something I really enjoy but, unfortunately, I can't justify spending time on blogging over practice when I'm at a point in my life where I'm at the tipping point between goingtomakeit-notgoingtomakeit. Having said that: here I am! I've decided that if I've done my 4 hours practice that day, and feel like I have something to blog about, then I should do it. It's important to have non-music interests too, if not just for my mental health.

It's also been hard to blog when I've been purposefully distancing myself from reading fashion magazines or looking at stores online or even in person. But today: I fell off the wagon. I "browsed" Moda Operandi purely with the intention of gazing at some beautiful clothing, certainly not for seriously considering buying anything. Yet here I am, actually considering dropping a load (of money) on clothes. I'm appealing to you: lovely folk of the internet, to help me decide what I should do. I have been saving all this year and last to be able to sustain myself in Germany for 2 years (by the way: I'm here right now, writing from Berlin!), should I abstain and maintain shopping celibacy (hopefully no-one knows/remembers that time I bought a coat in May.. I really just fell into it) or should I throw caution to the wind and buy myself a treat and potentially not be able to afford food for a couple of months in the next year or so?

Here are the devils that have been tempting me:

The "Katia" exposed-back faille dress by Tibi. The reasons are thus: 1. I have wanted something in mint for as long as I can remember (ok not that long, but a really long time), 2. I adore things that show a bit of back and this back of the dress is to die for, and 3. It has a drop waist: perfect little touch of Gatsby that I've been longing to try since I saw Carey Mulligan in the latest movie. This beauty is $445, see all the specs here.


This Ostwald Helgason skirt. Perfect touch of gingham no? And it's on sale!! $205 check the specs.

So what's the verdict online jurors? Should I buy one (which)? Should I buy both? Should I abstain?

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