Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blog revive

Hi Everyone/AnyoneLeftReading!

I have taken a break from my blog for almost a year now; sometimes I really missed it and other times not as much. I've been discovering how hard it is to maintain a balance in life whilst being a classical music student. There are times when, up until now, I thought I had to put the blinders on and do nothing but practice for an audition. I've done a fair few now and I've decided to change up my method a bit. I'm really unhappy with my current "system": practising like mad when I have something coming up and then barely practising at all when nothing is on the calendar. Instead I want to implement a more lasting, and overall more beneficial system, whereby I practice across all seasons very regularly and during the lead up to events I'll still be able to manage my time across other creative outlets and physical wellbeing. There are a few things in my life which have particularly suffered from the way I was doing things and they were/are my physical health as well as my creative health. I feel it's really important, at least for myself, to allow for exploration and realisation of other creative outlets.

Aside from this, this blog didn't feel fully like what I wanted it to be. I started off this blog by following the advice of a very big successful blog (A Beautiful Mess) and analysed exactly what areas I wanted to blog about: fashion, DIY, and music. But now I feel like there are so many more things that interest me and more things that I want to write about. Perhaps they won't fit into any mould and there will be people who only want to read 50% of what I write on my blog and other people that want to read the other 50%. Instead of catering my blog to who I think might read it in order to get a large readership, I'm going to cater it to myself. Basically: I'm going to start writing about whatever I want to write about! I will try and maintain some structure though like the Weekly Wish-Lists on Wednesdays and Tunesday. Ideally I would love to do an Outfit Misfit post every Sunday but because I've moved across the Earth and don't have a job I no longer go shopping.. at all. So sadly there will very rarely be any more of these and that's purely from a point that I don't have many outfits to show you that you haven't seen (incidentally this was another big reason for the lack of blogging motivation over the last year as it was one of the main reasons I wanted to start the blog: to do cool outfit photography posts). New to the blog will be more segments on reviews, and cooking. I'm really interested in doing reviews of concerts I've been to, recipes I've tried, restaurants, books etc. It will be a new direction for Wish ToDo Play but not too far from what it already is.

I hope you'll keep reading,