Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Two cute little tunes for you today. This first is Made for Each Other by Emilie Mover. I've got a heap of her songs on my Mix'n'match Faves playlist on Spotify. She has a way with lyrics that gets me and she makes use of cool instruments. They're just super cute songs! There are no good videos for this song on YouTube.. I hate lyrics videos and I couldn't find an actual music video one. So just listen and don't look!

Next is super cuteness from Sibelius, the second movement of his fifth symphony. It's one time I actual love the flute. With pizzicato from the strings and nice harmonies I find it really pretty. I played this recently with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra and Nicholas Milton conducting. This video is not my favourite but the best I could find on YouTube of the individual movement.. the tempo feels far too fast for my taste. Mariss Jansons with the Oslo Philharmonic:

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