Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Weekly Wish-list

I'm a big fan of jumpsuits and I'm very sad that the one I own from Alannah Hill started to fall about a year ago (although.. should I even be wearing super short stuff at "my age"?). I'm determined to fix it but it's one of those things that goes on a very long to-do list. I'm particularly enamoured with printed jumpsuits at the moment so here are a few of my favourite picks from the internet.

1. Check out this amazing Gorman "moth to a flame" pantsuit! First of all I'm super excited and happy that Gorman is getting back some of it's old funk and I'm digging the latest collections. They had a period a little while back where absolutely nothing excited me.. This print story (as they call it) is moon moth and I love it all! I'm proud of this Australian brand and what they're doing. I like the simple top of this jumpsuit and the bow belt which stops it getting a bit onesie, plus pockets. Pockets are important for girls too!

Woohoo beautiful asian model!! Asian pride >.< 
Image credit, closer specs and buying info.

2. Next up is a number by Opening Ceremony. The checked/plaid-ish print is broken up expertly with the black and although it looks like a dress from the front it's unmistakably rompery from the back. I love the fun cut, pattern, and that little bit of hardware (I wonder if it just zips up the front there?).

Image credit, zoom ins and buying deets.

3. Last but certainly not least is this amazing piece by Fendi. I absolutely love love love the drapey frill part! The pattern maybe isn't my favourite when I look at it closely, it looks too regular to me, but it works when I look at the big picture.

Thanks net-a-porter for this beauty and the pics. But at 3.5K this one don't come cheap..

Which one's your favourite? How many jumpsuits do you/have you owned? I'd love to hear, for research purposes ;)

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