Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weekly Wish-list

I'm back in Germany and Spring is here! It's been absolutely glorious weather here in Stuttgart today with the sun out and 14 degrees. I feel like becoming a bit of a crazy bag-lady so here are a few more to add to what is probably an exhaustive list already.

1. Check out this amazing bag by Liberty London! If you ever get the chance to go to London you definitely must visit Liberty. I remember them most for their amazing patterns, found on scarves among other things. It's fantastic to see some of that translating to their accessories products in this "Patchwork Collection". Could it be any more perfect for spring? I love the colour combinations.

Get a closer look (and images credit).
2. More cool patterns but this time from Kate Spade. The winner for this year's (so far) abstract painterly floral print goes to her for this cedar street multi floral magnolia bag:

Images credit.

3. Couldn't go by without something Australian (blame a touch of homesickness). Casato leather bag by Gorman. It looks like such a great size for going out with the essentials (and I reckon you could probably fit a pair of flats in there too). I'm loving the colour combination of pink and orange!

Have you noticed I've stopped including the prices of my items on the Wish-list? That's because I'm on a strict shopping-diet. But for those not as sad as me: see here for details (and of course: image credit).
Happy Wednesday!

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