Wednesday, May 27, 2015


So some good news! I got a casual position with die Staatstheater Stuttgart! A couple of weeks ago I did a symphony project with them. They probably do more operas and ballets, but I think it's awesome that they also put on symphony programs. The week was a project with a choir, and some soloists. One of the pieces on the menu was Bruckner's Te Deum and one of the movements, with the solo tenor starting, is absolutely beautiful. I love the solo violin part and the part when the other soloists join the tenor (for example about 25 seconds in). Here is a video I found on YouTube, but there is a great recording with the Berlin Philharmonic on Spotify.

Now some happy snaps from my week with them:

I love this viola-holder that's attached to the music stand!
My name in the program!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


It's coming up to summer here and that's the time when all those ads on Spotify shout at me in German about getting a summer body: "Sommer kommt! Bikini!" or something like that. Here's a little easy motivation for a start. I've been doing this 30 days of Yoga program on YouTube and it's fantastic! I really like Adriene, the yogi. She's a little bit crazy and I feel really free and flexible to play with my own limits in her videos. I highly recommend it. I find yoga really amazing for my playing. It's a way of stretching during the day of that involves a higher level of focus. Not only are the routines great for stretching and relaxing but they often also include a core component with some plank vinyasas. I like to finish each practice with a 5 minute meditation. I'm on day 20 now and on the home stretch! I have been doing it since the beginning of the year, very on and off.. but I'm trying to go every day really regularly now.

Another daily month-long program I'm doing is this Arm-mazing thing that I found in my Lorna Jane diary gifted to me by my sister. I've been feeling a little funny about my arms lately (probably because of the passing of yet another birthday on the downhill slide to 30) so this has been great. I've only just started and I'm on day 3. (I copied it out of my diary onto this sheet because I couldn't take my diary on the plane from Australia.. too heavy). Do it with me? I wrote down the days but you could just have the days numbered, no real need to start on a Monday. :) The top number is narrow push-ups, the second number is wide push-ups and the last number is tricep dips. Right now I'm not strong enough to do full on "man" push-ups, or even "lady" push-ups with my knees on the ground. I do an even easier variation I learnt in a class with Fitness First where I start off in a hands and knees position and I keep my bum in that place whilst I dip my arms. I tried to find a video on YouTube to better explain but when one searches "push up variations for weaker people" all that comes up is the crazy buffed-up meat-heads doing nutso hard stuff. No shame is doing the easiest variation like me! As long as it's a challenge for you. Once I'm up with this month I will do it again but as lady push-ups. Maybe even one day I might be able to do some "man" pushups.

Also, there's nothing like some FREE workout. ;)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly Wish-list

Focus on Russia!

Label Ruban by a sister-duo. They've been going since 2010 but these items are from their latest collection. The first piece, a shift-dress is so simple but at the same time embellished. I love the apron-style with the open side seams (obviously better if you wear a slip underneath!) and the ties. It's like a super beautiful piece of clothing like a sandwich board. The next piece is a lovely little top again with the ties and I've included a photo of the whole look because I love the layering of it. The third piece is wow a stunning dress that also looks like the most comfortable thing in the world. I'd love to sweep on stage and perform something in that. (I take that back.. performing on stage scares the hella out of me!).

1. Sandwich-board chic (image)

2. Such a beautiful dusty blue. I always hear of the colour "dusty pink" but never dusty blue, so this can be it!!

2. Layer by layer. Crop top images (actually called a "Chemisette".. fancy).

3. Short in the front long in the back makes much more sense on a floor-length gown (not a mullet dress!)

3. And such a lovely golden cream colour. Images from here.

Vika Gazinskaya. Now that is a proper Russian-sounding name. The label was launched in 2006 in Moscow. The first piece is a fun little flouncy top. Normally I shy away from clothing that clearly cannot be worn with a bra but the fabric looks so voluptuous that I don't think it'd be too much of a worry (nobody's going to see much of what's bouncing around uncontrollable under there!). The second piece is a very pretty, very respectable skirt. The kind of thing I'd love to go teaching in because it's the perfect length. But mostly I love it because it strikes the perfect balance between feminine (I guess from the colours) and angular (from the geometric patterns). Thirdly and lastly is a dress from clearly the same collection as the Flouncy Top. I dig those puffy sleeves!! Helping to steer clear of the stuffiness of a sleeve type of centuries ago is the exposure of the shoulders.

1. Pretty russet colour. From the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Images (and it is actually called a flouncy top).
1. I do wonder whether there's a safety boob-tube under there.. one strong wind and it's all for everyone.
2. Personally, the pattern reminds me of snowflakes. It's from the Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Image.
3. Looks so simple. Images.
3. Loving it styled with the pants (anyone else can't stop thinking about Emma Watson that red dress and pants on the red carpet?)