Thursday, May 7, 2015


It's coming up to summer here and that's the time when all those ads on Spotify shout at me in German about getting a summer body: "Sommer kommt! Bikini!" or something like that. Here's a little easy motivation for a start. I've been doing this 30 days of Yoga program on YouTube and it's fantastic! I really like Adriene, the yogi. She's a little bit crazy and I feel really free and flexible to play with my own limits in her videos. I highly recommend it. I find yoga really amazing for my playing. It's a way of stretching during the day of that involves a higher level of focus. Not only are the routines great for stretching and relaxing but they often also include a core component with some plank vinyasas. I like to finish each practice with a 5 minute meditation. I'm on day 20 now and on the home stretch! I have been doing it since the beginning of the year, very on and off.. but I'm trying to go every day really regularly now.

Another daily month-long program I'm doing is this Arm-mazing thing that I found in my Lorna Jane diary gifted to me by my sister. I've been feeling a little funny about my arms lately (probably because of the passing of yet another birthday on the downhill slide to 30) so this has been great. I've only just started and I'm on day 3. (I copied it out of my diary onto this sheet because I couldn't take my diary on the plane from Australia.. too heavy). Do it with me? I wrote down the days but you could just have the days numbered, no real need to start on a Monday. :) The top number is narrow push-ups, the second number is wide push-ups and the last number is tricep dips. Right now I'm not strong enough to do full on "man" push-ups, or even "lady" push-ups with my knees on the ground. I do an even easier variation I learnt in a class with Fitness First where I start off in a hands and knees position and I keep my bum in that place whilst I dip my arms. I tried to find a video on YouTube to better explain but when one searches "push up variations for weaker people" all that comes up is the crazy buffed-up meat-heads doing nutso hard stuff. No shame is doing the easiest variation like me! As long as it's a challenge for you. Once I'm up with this month I will do it again but as lady push-ups. Maybe even one day I might be able to do some "man" pushups.

Also, there's nothing like some FREE workout. ;)

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