Wednesday, May 27, 2015


So some good news! I got a casual position with die Staatstheater Stuttgart! A couple of weeks ago I did a symphony project with them. They probably do more operas and ballets, but I think it's awesome that they also put on symphony programs. The week was a project with a choir, and some soloists. One of the pieces on the menu was Bruckner's Te Deum and one of the movements, with the solo tenor starting, is absolutely beautiful. I love the solo violin part and the part when the other soloists join the tenor (for example about 25 seconds in). Here is a video I found on YouTube, but there is a great recording with the Berlin Philharmonic on Spotify.

Now some happy snaps from my week with them:

I love this viola-holder that's attached to the music stand!
My name in the program!

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