Friday, July 31, 2015

DIY: Kindle Cover

This year I made a cover for my kindle because I was worried that it would get scratched in my bag and I was starting to use it more and more. I absolutely love my kindle now (took a little while to get into it) especially as I’m overseas. It’s excellent for traveling and books are pretty cheap. Of course there’s nothing quite like owning a book in print and paper but I found that since I started using my kindle I’ve been reading lots more (kind of an obvious statement but oh well..). Anyway, so I made this case with some fabric I had stored up (I’m quite the fabric hoarder even though I’m not a great sewer). The cute panels come from the bottom of a big pattern of mother goose sort of thing, which I had planned to maybe be a big skirt (although now I’m not so keen on that). The green fabric was just something I thought would compliment it and I just winged it (or is it “wung it”?). I did quite a few layers, inbetween the outside printed ones I put a layer of plain fabric, to give it some cushioning and make for a better protective cover. This made for some not so well fitting things.. like the front flap doesn’t totally cover the front surface. I think it’s a pretty good effort though for just making it up off the top of my head!

Cool gif. that I made with the A Beautiful Mess Party Party app.

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