Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Yesterday I had an awesome time with a girl friend: she came over and we braided each other's hair. Sounds like a typical 14yo girl sleepover activity but I don't care because it was a lot of fun! The idea is that by practising some styles on her maybe I could do them on myself someday. Some things need to wait till my hair is longer but here are some styles we tried:

The crown braid *sigh* has been on my to-do list for some time now. I like the idea of putting my hair up in a way that doesn't involve the regular boring ponytail. Too bad it's really hard to do on myself.. Yesterday I did succeed in doing it on my friend so maybe more practice makes perfect! We used a YouTube tutorial for help.
Crown braid photo source

Next up is the fishtail braid, which is actually a lot easier than I first expected. It definitely works best on longer hair so unfortunately not one we could do on me. The YouTube tutorial we watched for this one involved a very unhappy-looking model.

Why do all the girls in the pictures have pretty blond hair? Source.

Last up is the waterfall braid which my friend managed to master yet keeps me stumped.. I somehow mess it up! Must try again on her soon. This one is really pretty but not totally secure so might be a good one for when you don't have to rush around a lot. The video for this is actually by a New Zealander girl which is totally cool! Power to down-under!

Good old Pinterest brought up this image for me, but I believe it's from the same YouTube vid.

Soo… although I can't do any of these braids on myself yet, just give me a call if you want me to do it on you! I need more practice ;)

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