Monday, July 27, 2015

Outfit Misfit

Today’s featured dress has moved right up my ranks to my most favourite dress ever! It’s from Kinki Gerlinki, a Melbourne based independent label, and when I first saw it in store it was love at first sight. Because Kinki Gerlinki is only in Melbourne, every time I’m there I make it a must that I visit them. They’ve got some very quirky clothing and this dress is no exception. I adore the cut with the ruffle at the top and general loose fit, and the pattern of grey with pink/navy stripes making a check. You can still get the dress online in red and black, both on sale. I had amazing luck on that day in March and found this dress on the sale rack for a total bargain of $45!! How could I resist?

Welcome! to the lovely Sarah Weeber who is a very talented photographer and kind friend who took these pictures.

How cool is this graffiti wall in Stuttgart?

 Now here I am with Big Blue Bird:

Patting Mr Fox:

And some jumping shots for fun! The first time I tried this the hem flipped up and showed my undies.. so this is a very strategic jump.


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