Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Fresh Off the plane from London today and it's equal parts good and bad to be back in Stuttgart. The air feels a lot cleaner but I miss the bustle and hum of London city (blog post on it to come later). Just before I left I participated in a Jazz-sort-of workshop. It wasn't exactly jazz in the purest form of the genre but was more of an eclectic modern music mix. My university got a guest: Daniel Schnyder to come and work with a bunch of classical musicians; although the jazz band boys (drums, bass and keys) were all jazz students. It was a really great experience and like dipping my toe into a new language. In some ways I found it really difficult and I'd love to experiment and explore more of that world. Today's tune is not a YouTube video, because sadly they're not so great. Instead I highly recommend you go onto Schnyder's bandcamp page and browse and have a little listen. If you want to hear the kind of crazy stuff I was playing last week then click on the album "zoOM IN" (we played the last movement). A bit of something to get your juices flowing for the week!

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