Friday, July 3, 2015

Weekly Wish-list

Have you heard? We're in a heatwave! Well, what Germans consider to be a heat wave.. It's 33 degrees and although I'm used to warm(er) weather in Australia and I don't mind so much it does make it hard to concentrate on work instead of daydreaming about going swimming. The problem here is that I can't just zip off to the beach whenever I want :(  In an effort to try and curb some homesickness for the beauty of Australian coasts this week's wish-list is all about swimwear; with a focus on Australian design.

Zimmermann swimwear doesn't come cheap but I've owned a couple of their pieces and they do stand the test of time. Although be warned: if you want a suit that will survive a little jostling around in the surf with out a nip untucking then maybe you should look elsewhere. As many of you know though, for me sometimes aesthetics win out over practicality.

The recent pieces by Zimmermann make use of beautiful Asian patterns and I can't help but share a number of their pretty items.

This one above is called the Lucia Embroidered 1 Pc and I love the design. The frill in the middle is so pretty with the floral fabric and the non-traditional neckline leaving the back completely free really tickles my fancy.

The one below is called the Anais Floral Plunge 1 Pc. The fabric feels quite oriental to me; reminds me of something Vietnamese somehow. A relatively simple one-piece design is given a bit more edge with the cutouts without becoming too slutty-bondage-dress ('scuse the language but I hope you know what I mean..)

Here we have the Lucia pattern of the above 1-pc now in a Mesh Bikini form. Again, I'm loving the non-traditional bikini cut and whilst I find racer-cut shoulders too masculine sometimes, the frill keeps it pretty. Also for the girls who are lighter up top I think the frill can have a dual purpose ;)

Now we are at my absolute favourite: this one ^above^ the Anais Floral Mesh 1-pc. I absolutely adore the cut and design of it. I like the idea of high-waisted bikini briefs but I ultimately feel like they really aren't that flattering on the stomach and with the transformation of this into the flowing upper part of the one-piece I think it finally works! I love that the upper part comprises a more transparent fabric (saved from nipple flashing by the bikini top underneath!). I am so so in love with this one.

Now this next one, the Ceramic Shoulder Frill Bikini, won me over with the frill in the back. The clear definition of the underwire in the front is not my cup of tea but the effect at the back is too good to pass up. I like the more structured nature of this frill; it's more like a scalloped edge. I think this one is definitely for the smaller-chested ladies because I really don't think that front would work on a big bust.

 And last is the Ceramic Floating Halter which I like for the same reasons as my favourite one above. Tasteful high-waisted bottom + transparent fabric up top + racer cut neckline = a stylish and clean piece. The only think that holds it back in my eyes is that it's maybe a little too conservative. If the back dipped right down I think it would give it a nice bit of allure.

Dreaming of sun-kissed beaches and being fully emerged in seawater.

All photos from the Zimmermann website. Links for each item are in the name.

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