Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weekly Wish-list

Still in a craze over European summer so today I'm on an internet search for sandals! I have three pairs (one and two and third to be seen in an upcoming Outfit Misfit post) of excellent sandals by Gorman
and although I love them I really wish I had a pair that were relatively simple, just tan in colour and went with literally everything. Here are two cool tan (with gold) sandals I found on Modcloth:

Now THIS is a perfect pair of sandals, for a bargain $25 too ;)
Clicky here, they're only $60.
The top ones are definitely more my favourite and not only because they're cheaper (although that is an important factor). They're just really beautifully simple in style. The second pair are a little more intricate, and let's face it: would give a pretty hectic sandal-tan.. I prefer the thicker bands of the first sandals too.

Now for some more crazy sandals! Check out these from Moda Operandi, my favourite website for looking at outrageously expensive and/or crazy interesting fashion items. I think the first pair (Pierre Hardy) are great, theoretically, but they're really high. I have a thing that whenever I wear high heels I feel like an enormous giant (I'm not even that tall..) But I can totally see myself wearing these whilst lounging on a yacht with some breton striped clothing and a huge huge hat. The second pair (Marni) I could actually see myself wearing in real life. It's nice to see a bit of bling on a shoe born for the beach. I love the colours, I love the design, and I think they'd look great with a pair of jeans/denimshorts.

Look! They're on sale.. :P

They're named "Fussbett" which in German translates to FootBed. Cool!
I hope summer never ends!

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