Thursday, July 30, 2015

Weekly Wish-list

I am addicted to Moda Operandi. It is the only place to go to check out all the latest designer clothes right off the runway. Their trunkshows are always showcasing interesting designers. It’s the perfect way to discover designers I’ve never heard of before and see the clothes and read a bit about them. This is how I came across Blumarine by Anna Molinari (trunkshow link here).

Let’s start with my favourite piece from the trunkshow which I just adore because I’m in love with cotton dresses with a flouncy feel. This looks absolutely perfect for summer worn casually without a belt. The belt is nice if you want to add some structure (although the belt they’ve styled it with here wouldn’t be my choice). Here it is, the Embroidered Flounce Dress:

Direct link and images source.
Next is this Leather Dress with Embroidered Lace. I love the concept of this with the lace panels but I would definitely definitely wear a slip. I know the model is wearing tan underwear but I think for real life it would be better to see a slip instead of the shadow of the shape of the thighs making people stare at the wrong places. Lovely colour and I’d be interested to see how the leather feels (it looks almost suede-like, and how does one get goat leather to go to this vivid colour?? A question I probably don’t want to know the answer to..).

Click here to zoom in and check out the model's tan undies.

I love this designer so much that I like complete looks! Look 18 is one such look. I love the top: Balloon Sleeve Shirt with Lace Details, for the same reason I love the first dress ^above, and also because the balloon sleeves are pretty awesome! The skirt, Floral Embroidered Mini Skirt is also a classically excellent miniskirt shape getting classed up with the pretty embroidery. I wouldn’t necessarily but the both together like they have in this look because I have a thing against pairing a pure white with an off white.. If the skirt was a different colour then sure! 
Shirt close-ups.
Skirt close-ups.

Now completely confirming the idea that high fashion is functionless is this Volant Sleeve Coat. Yes, coat. It’s short sleeve and I don’t know if there’s a whole concept for summer coats or what.. This would be a pure indulgence for me and I’m once again sucked in by Molinari’s masterful sleeve-making. I wonder if it has pockets? 

Take a closer look: the fabric is definitely of the coat variety.

Last but certainly not least is the sparkling creation that is the Rose Embroidered A-Line Dress. I’m a sucker for really pretty stuff (explaining my addiction to Alannah Hill). I'll let the picture speak the thousand lovely words I want to say about it:

Zoom in to be amazed by the detail.

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