Friday, August 21, 2015

DIY: Wallpaper installation

I'm a little over renting to be honest.. but there's not much to be done about that right now. I dream about the day when I have my own house and can paint the walls and put nails in wherever I like. Today's DIY is a nice way for renters out there like myself who want to break up their white walls (accentuated by all white IKEA furniture..) without breaking any rules, or having to paint over it when you leave. It's a bit like wallpaper applied with the magic of washi tape.

Washi tape is the best thing in the world. Incredibly useful for all kinds of crafting.

Just a part of my growing washi tape collection.

My secret talent is that I can write in straight lines, even on this scale with paint, but I guess other people could rule lines out.

I picked a coloured washi to break up the black and white.

The idea of using a phrase on the wall came from this statement wall from A Beautiful Mess. Now on the choice of words. Although Emma Watson is incredible I had come into contact with this phrase elsewhere before her inspiring UN speech. It is the motivational phrase of choice of a good friend of mine who I then played with in a quartet, which we then named after the origin of the phrase. So not only does it motivate me whenever I look at it but it reminds me of fun music times and good friends. I've had some visitors that have mentioned it being a bit creepy.. but I've had it up for a year and I still love it. I'm also keen to do a wallpaper installation with a print rather than words much like this other one I saw on A Beautiful Mess:

I'm in love with the clementine print. Check out how they did it.

So one final shot with some things that go on my dresser:

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