Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekly Wish-list

You may have noticed already that I’m a huge Gorman fan. Aussie pride! Well one of the things that I love most about Gorman is their patterns and prints. So this week I’ve chosen my favoutie of each “print story” as they’re calling it (although I didn’t pick from every one because some I didn’t like.. e.g: wig wam).

First we have the Night Walk dress from the print story: Night walk | Bush walk. I think the pattern is really pretty and this dress could easily get dressed up for a night out.


Next is the Greenhouse shift dress from the print story: Greenhouse. The pattern is so Australian to me; it’s like walking in my backyard through all the ferns. I love that the green is not really bright but has more light-brown-earthy tones. Can’t go wrong with this dress shape either.

See more here.

Taking a rest in the middle is the Clouds doona cover from the print story: Head in the Clouds. This is just the funkiest doona cover ever! It’s reversable which adds a little specialness (I love that idea of something being just as cool on the inside as it is on the outside, and that that coolness is purely for your pleasure). Fun and bold to dress up your bed.

On sale.. so tempting
Now I think I may have already shared this Moth to a Flame pantsuit with you before.. from the print story: Wing It. I just love it! The moths are so beautiful, even though moths scare the hell out of me in real life it’s probably because they’re usually big and brown and ugly.

Check it out here.
I mean seriously, so beautifully colourful.
Last but not least is the Voodoo Snake kimono from the print story: Mad Snake. I think the fascination for me here lies more with the fact that it’s a kimono than the pattern.. although I do love the kind of watercolour-y effect. I’m yet to own a kimono and I’m intrigued by the idea of incorporating one into an outfit. I think I’d go for a relaxed look with it open and wear short shorts underneath and a simple singlet. Sort of like a long cardigan. What do you think? How would you wear it?
See how they've styled it here.

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