Sunday, September 6, 2015

Travel Diary: Heidelberg

Continuing on our travels after Lucerne my parents and I visited Heidelberg, a popular tourist visit in Germany. There’s a good reason for this: it’s a beautiful, quaint town. Everybody loves an Altstadt; oh the cobblestones, the red-roofed buildings.. It was destroyed by the French in the 1690s and was built from the ground up during the 1700s. Luckily it escaped the destruction of WWII. This town has a fantastic Renaissance castle (ruined, of course) which has a great view over the aforementioned red-roofed town.

I love this house that's closest here. The roof is so cool!
After taking the funicular railway up to the castle (or you could always save money and walk up the steep path) we had a lovely lunch in the grounds of the castle and walked around it a bit. Inside the castle is the Grosses Fass: the world’s largest wine cask with a capacity of 229,000L. The barrel was built in 1750 and completed 1751 but in 1762 it started to show increasingly large damages by decay, and apparently had been becoming more and more leaky. The last extensive repair work was in 1767 and after that it was put out of use. It’s kind of disappointing that this huge huge cask was only ever used for a little over a decade. Worth a visit just to imagine the amount of wine it used to hold and for the silly factor. (I don’t have a picture of it here because it was in a very dark room).
The view from the castle of Heidelberg.

I split from my parents after this to do some philosophising. There’s a beautiul path through the steep gardens on the slope next to the river, opposite the castle, called Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Way). I really enjoyed this walk (even though it was hard to philosophise whilst struggling up the very steep part to get to the path) and even more the beer I had in the flowering garden with a view of the castle.
The view of the castle from Philosphenweg.
All in all it was a really lovely day trip.

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